5 Office Productivity Killers (And How to Avoid Them)

5 Office Productivity Killers (And How to Avoid Them)

Distractions are everywhere. Keeping them minimized at work can mean all the difference in your productivity and overall job satisfaction. Check out this list of office productivity killers and how to solve them, and you’ll be more productive in no time!

#1. Noisy Co-Workers

There’s nothing worse than noisy co-workers. Maybe they forgot their headphones at home or have an impressive ability to type furiously without distracting themselves. Whatever the culprit, having a quiet space to escape to is the ideal solution.

With so many offices moving to an open concept design, it’s important to remember to create quiet spaces where workers can refocus in solitude. If your office doesn’t have a designated area, look for an open meeting room. When in doubt, let your co-worker know that their actions are a distraction to you.   

#2. Meaningless Chit Chat

You spend a tremendous amount of time with your co-workers, it’s not unrealistic to think that you’ll spend time chit chatting. But, if it’s taking up too much or your day, your productivity will sink. The solution? Be conscious of your chit chat time and try to limit it to certain times of day —or, maybe to your lunch break.

Here’s our full list on ways to be respectful of your co-workers in shared office space.

#3. Social Media

Whether at home or work, social media can be a seemingly endless time-suck that can kill your productivity. You can download an app like RescueTime that helps manage the amount of time you spend on certain online activities. It can also block distracting websites (per your request) for certain periods of time so you can remain focused.  

Don’t need an app for that? Practice self control and give yourself a limit to the number of times you check your social media accounts each day. On your commute? At lunch? Before you go to bed?

#4. Way Too Much Email

Similar to social media, checking your email constantly can easily distract you from what you’re doing. Email alerts make us feel more connected, but they actually pull us in too many directions —distracting us from our productivity.

First, unsubscribe to any nonsense newsletters or advertisements that you never read anyways. Then, consider turning off your alerts and giving yourself a dedicated time that you check and respond to email. Once every two hours? Only at 8am and 3pm? Your choice —just stick to it.

According to a University of British Columbia study, there’s a limit on the number of times you should check email throughout the day to reduce stress. It’s three.

#5. Endless Meetings

We’ve all been there. The meeting that had no agenda or the one that could have been an email. If you’re scheduling meetings, make an effort to create an agenda —determining if the meeting is even necessary. Then, make sure all players are up-to-speed with what will be discussed and how they can prepare. When meeting time rolls around, be sure to start on time, stay on task, finish on time, and leave with a clear agenda. Your productivity —and your colleagues— will thank you!

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