5 Productivity Apps to Keep Your Workweek Efficient

5 Productivity Apps to Keep Your Workweek Efficient

When you’re out of the office does your productivity slow? Are there too many balls in the air to keep up? Now —more than ever— there is an app for that. Here are 5 productivity apps that will keep your workweek efficient and keep you on track.

From collaborating with your team while traveling to Tokyo to making sure you never miss a call, these 5 productivity apps can greatly improve the way you work.

#1: Slack for Collaboration

One way you can add more efficiency to your work week is by eliminating instances of missed e-mails and phone tag. Slack is an on-the-go business chat room dedicated to your business network. You can create closed private channels for your management team and a public channel for your whole team.

Turn Slack into a one-stop interface by integrating it with many of your other office apps. You can also send and receive documents and share files with Slack and it is free. Another collaboration app with similar capabilities is the Wunderlist to-do app from Microsoft.

#2: 1Password for Security

If you are like the typical business owner, you have logins and passwords for at least a dozen different websites. Keeping your passwords safe is a high priority. But remembering all of them is the hard part. You can lose an hour of productivity sometimes just because you forgot a password and need to recover it.

1Password not only remembers and stores all of your passwords in a safe location but it also helps you to create stronger more secure passwords. When you or your employees do not change your passwords often enough, it becomes a security risk. 1Password automatically updates your passwords and remembers them so that you don’t have to.

#3: Scanner Pro for On-the-Go Document Management

Whether you are trying to keep all of your original receipts together for expense reporting or are sharing pdf files, Scanner Pro helps you manage your documents on the go. It is a scanner app for your Smartphone that can turn your pile of receipts into a PDF document which can be shared and edited. This leads to fewer accounting errors and streamlined expense reporting.

#4: Dropbox for Added Storage

The more you use your mobile devices for work purposes, the more space you’ll need. The Dropbox app allows you to store documents and files on the cloud from your mobile devices. You can also send and share your stored files.

#5: AirDroid for Device Syncing

Surely it’s happened to you before. You are in the middle of putting together a very important presentation but your phone won’t stop blowing up. Every minute or two you have to stop to answer a call or return a text. With AirDroid, you can sync your Smartphone with your laptop or PC.

Something as small as not needing to stop what you are doing every two minutes to check your phone can give your productivity a real boost. Know which calls and texts can wait without looking away from your computer screen.

Maximize Efficiency with an Inviting Workspace

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