5 Team-Building Experiences in NYC

5 Team-Building Experiences in NYC

Only in NYC will you find some of the best team-building adventures for your business. Did your company just reach a milestone and you would like to show appreciation to your employees? Has an office restructuring left your employee morale in the basement?

A day out on the town in NYC with your team may be just what you need to bring back some camaraderie to the office.

#1: One Minute Team-Building Competition

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get your team’s mind off of work. American Outback in NYC offers fun one minute challenges that are sure to get your team laughing, talking, and most importantly working together to win. Split your teams up into groups of 10 and watch while team challenges bring out the best in your employees.

#2: Team-Building on a Yacht

Maybe you have your own ideas for how you want to organize your team building event, but where? At Hornblower New York, they offer team building on a yacht. With food, prizes, and drinks while cruising in the harbor, your team will love the atmosphere.

Once everyone has filled their bellies and had a few drinks, let the games begin. You can setup your own team challenges or let the event planners at Hornblower plan a night of fun team-building activities for you.

#3: Team Tour of NYC Culture

What better place to explore than NYC on a team-building excursion? There is a company designed specifically for that. Team Build NYC creates customized tour experiences for businesses.

As you visit some of NYC’s fine museums the folks at Team Tour fascinate you with amazing little nuggets about the history of NYC that you probably don’t know. They can even turn your tour into a scavenger hunt that will have your team talking about your outing for years to come.

#4: Team-Building Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are so NYC. Many people have probably never heard of this twist on team-building, but in NYC there are several escape rooms for groups. How it works is your team is locked in a room where they have to work together to figure a way out. There are several escape rooms in NYC to choose from.

#5: Play Time Your Team will Love

Think of some of your favorite childhood playground games and then think of how much fun you could have playing them with your colleagues? Dodgeball, tag, and jumping on a maze of trampolines are all part of the team-building fun at Bounce Valley Cottage in NYC. Your team can let loose and act like kids while getting to know each other better sharing a wonderful memory together.

Find the Right Space for Your Team

Building team spirit takes more than a one-time adventure. Your office space has a lot to do with employee morale. If you’re looking for a great space for your team to grow, we can help. Talk to our team at Emerge212 today.


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