5 Tips for Office Moving Day

5 Tips for Office Moving Day

Moving to a new house or apartment is child’s play compared to moving day for your office. It can be extremely stressful for business owners and according to one estimate businesses lose just over a week in productivity when they move offices. You can make your moving day much smoother with these 5 tips.

#1: Start Planning Now

Tip number one is probably the most important one. You need a plan of action and you need to start putting it in place when you begin looking at new office spaces. Find vendors that specialize in moving office furniture and equipment.

These things need to have a single point of contact. Delegate a team leader for the move. The more organized your moving plan, the smoother the transition on moving day.

#2: Get Rid of Unwanted Equipment First

Businesses waste a lot of time and expense when moving equipment and files that are no longer needed. Before the move, go through your offices and make an inventory of the things you want to keep and the things that need to go. Then arrange to have your items sold, given away, or disposed of before the move.

Remember, old computer equipment and other electronics have to be disposed of responsibly. Decide what to do with the electronics, equipment, and furniture that you no longer want long before the move then get rid of them before you make the move. Don’t forget to have laptops, Smartphones, and other computer devices wiped before disposal.

#3: Make a Plan for Office Management on Moving Day

Some businesses can afford to shut down for the day or two that it will take to move the office. Others will need to keep things humming while the move is happening. Whether you are working with a limited staff on moving day or you plan on doing business as usual on moving day, you will need to start thinking about how you plan on managing the office on moving day. Be very detailed to make the move as seamless as possible.

#4: Move Important Stuff Last

When you’re moving your home, you like to get the biggest most valuable items out first. When moving your office, you want to do it in reverse. Move your big ticket items first. That includes your computer hardware, your file cabinets, your important paper documents, furniture, and office equipment.

Once you have all of your important items in place, it is easier to see what if anything you still need from the other items back at the old office. There will probably be items that you can get rid of that you missed initially.

#5: Label Everything

Finally and just as important as planning early is labeling everything. You want to sort and separate items by department, then individually. Especially when you are using professional movers, having a thorough inventory that matches your labeled boxes will eliminate a lot of stress and reduce the chances of losing things in the move.

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