The Habits That Turned 4 Top NYC Entrepreneurs Into Game Changers

The Habits That Turned 4 Top NYC Entrepreneurs Into Game Changers

New York City is ranked number one for the fastest growing businesses in America, and it’s safe to say that most successful entrepreneurs owe at least some of their success to retaining certain habits. Although, some of the City’s top entrepreneurs have some more experimental methods than others.

Here are some of the interesting habits of entrepreneurs that actually worked.

#1. Take a hot-cold contrast shower every morning.

Founder of Dashed, Phil Dumontet takes a “hot-cold contrast shower” every morning. “I’ve done it every morning, no matter where I’ve lived or what hotel I’m staying in, for 14 years,” he explains to Entrepreneur. The idea is to take a cold-hot-cold cycle shower. Shower for 30 seconds with ice cold water, and follow it with 30 seconds of hot water, then 30 seconds of cold water (always ending with cold water).

The theory is that you will gain “energy and clarity.” This is something Dumontet stands behind and he also claims his girlfriend thinks he’s crazy for doing it. Although, there is some research backing the cold-hot shower claim.

#2. Eating the same thing everyday to be more productive.

Alexa Von Tobel CEO of LearnVest, and author of Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money explained to Fast Company that one of her tricks to success lies in creating “operating systems for myself that allow me to think as little as possible about the silly decisions you can make all day long–like what to eat… So I can focus on making real decisions. Because mental energy is a finite quantity.” She’s never left the office for food and eats the same thing everyday: an apple, almonds, yogurt, a salad.

#3. Start the day at the gym for about 45 minutes every morning.

Joe Silverman, owner of New York Computer Help, a computer repair service company in NYC said in a blog post that “physical activity that clears your mind and relieves stress can provide a much-needed release.”

Silverman starts the day at 5:30 a.m. and works out in the gym for about 45 minutes. He says 45 minutes is just enough time to not exhaust yourself. “I make it a point not to exhaust myself and to leave a little left in the tank to get my engine started for the day.”

#4. Set three specific goals weekly and monthly — and ignore everything else.

If you sit and think about all of the things you should be doing for your business right now, more than likely you’ll become overwhelmed. Because the reality is that you have to make priorities and can’t do everything at once. If you do, “try to fix or improve them all at once, you end up not making much progress in any of them,” explains Co-founder Patrick Ambron of BrandYourself to Entrepreneur.

“You need to be relentless in following your goals. At least once a day, I find myself asking, “Is what I’m working on directly helping one of the three goals?” It’s easy to distract yourself with tasks that aren’t critical. You just need to stay on top of it. This helps us accomplish big things quickly.”

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