Three Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs and Other Professionals   

Three Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs and Other Professionals  

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency” –Bill Gates


To quote John Rampton’s recent piece in Entrepreneur, “some things some of us do daily or weekly don’t deserve our time.” If you’re a hard working professional or entrepreneur, chances are you regularly feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day–especially during this last stretch of Q4. Now is the time to shave off any unnecessary tasks that don’t deserve our time to focus on the ones that do, in business and at home. Try these to help simplify your life this season.

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Bill Paying and Other Money Management


It’s likely you have at least one budget-savvy friend who’s enthusiastically recommended Mint to you, and for good reason. If you’re a startup founder or entrepreneur, it can be easy to let personal and business finances get too mixed up, or to neglect personal finances because you’re too caught up on the business side of things. Mint makes it easy to see where your money goes, and to automate as much of that spending as possible. It’ll keep your finances more organized, save times, and offer some peace of mind in the chaos of the holiday season.



Personal Email Organization and Management


It’s free, it’s easy, and it makes it much easier to manage personal email accounts effectively. The delayed send is perfect for those late nights when you’re burning the midnight oil, but don’t want clients, colleagues, or business partners to get a 3AM email notification (or see an email was sent at a strange time, for that matter). You can also schedule reminder emails to go out regularly based on conditions (i.e. “send in one day if no response”), allowing you to check in on important tasks and bump them to the top of a recipient’s inbox. Boomerang also allows users to schedule emails to return to the top of their own inbox–perfect for those items you know you’ll need to read through more carefully to respond to when you have more time. The Deputy Coordinator for Platforms in the Bureau of International Information Program–one of the top “platform pickers” in the country–recommends it.



Note Taking On The Go


If your inspiration-on-the-go is organized through a messy mix of the notepad app that comes with your smartphone and a series of screenshots in your photo album, Evernote is the way to get your thoughts organized–without making things more complicated. Evernote allows users to easily drag files, screengrabs, text, and more into one place, where a user-friendly system makes it easy to manage and order all those items. You can log in via the app or desktop, add colleagues to collaborate on projects, and much more. Evernote syncs up with a variety of other programs, too, such as Todoist, Uberconference, and more. Over at Entrepreneur, Stephanie Vozza explains how to use Evernote to “organize, prioritize and motivate, access and collaborate.” Blogger Jonathan Pearson offers additional insight into some of the more practical applications of Evernote here and here; you can find countless other recommendations on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and similar sites–it’s an established tool in the arsenal of many tech-savvy professionals.



We hope you find these tools helpful, and encourage you to tell us about your own favorite tools for getting organized! If finding NYC office space is another “To Do” hanging over your head this holiday season, we’d be happy to assist. Our three locations offer executive office space, event venues, and shared office space in Manhattan. Each offers full tech infrastructure and an array of business services to help your business or event run smoothly. Explore our buildings online, and request a tour or more information by calling (888) 201-6353.










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