1. Who is Emerge212?
Emerge212 is a wholly owned subsidiary of SL Green Realty Corp., which has over 20 years’ experience leasing commercial real estate in New York City. SL Green is a publicly traded real estate investment trust that is New York City’s largest commercial office landlord. Merging the benefits of a small, agile, client-focused company with the stability of a well-established corporate entity, Emerge212 is redefining real estate with three distinctive space solutions: Boutique Office Space and Boutique Virtual Space . We have been serving our clients for over a decade and recently changed our name from eEmerge to Emerge212 Boutique Space.
2. Where is Emerge212 located?
Our name says it all. We are located exclusively in New York City.
3. Why is it called Boutique Space?
Like a boutique hotel, shop or service provider, Emerge212 believes in offering space solutions that are unique, personalized and distinctive. Our spaces are functional but created with great style. Our services are professional but delivered with real hospitality. The experience is all business but energized with a true New York City vibe.