Our Story

Emerge212 Boutique Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of SL Green Realty Corp., has been redefining NYC real estate with innovative space solutions for over a decade. Taking inspiration from the hospitality sector, Emerge212 merges functional, cost-effective New York City space with the trending style, customized service, high energy and unique ambiance found in the finest Manhattan boutique hotels.

We first created Emerge212 to help businesses project a sophisticated NYC image without the usual overhead, hassles or restrictive terms of a typical office lease. Our Boutique Office Space addresses the future trend in officing: to lease only the space you need but enjoy the immediate gratification of having the Class A-quality space you deserve.


Our product line also features two other nontraditional space solutions. Boutique Virtual Space impresses your clients and investors with a Manhattan image, highlighted by a 212 phone number and business address, without committing to full-time physical space. Boutique Concept space caters to the simplest or wildest of temporary space needs.–> Offering a portal where you can easily search our portfolio of diverse spaces throughout New York City, Boutique Concept Space is ideal for events, experiential marketing campaigns, storefront pop-up activations, film locations and more.

Recently, Emerge212 introduced Stepping Stone Space: the next step in innovative office space solutions. It’s ideal when you want a New York office to hang your hat, but you’re not quite ready for a full office. It’s comprised of a fully equipped workstation in a shared office with access to all of Emerge212’s many services.

With the promise of superb Manhattan locations and a comprehensive menu of business services, Emerge212 is poised to help your business stay ahead and emerge successful. Our philosophy is to be agile, service-minded and forward thinking, while offering our clients the stability and resources of our parent company, SL Green Realty Corp., New York City’s largest commercial office landlord.

We stay ahead, thanks to a dynamic team.